First, you make your movie. Now it’s time to show it and sell it. If you rent out a movie theater, you’ll need two venues: the screening room and then the networking space. Booking two venues is costly and time-consuming. You need to network. You need to keep your audience in one place. Don’t let your vendors and buyers get distracted and scattered. Our space allows you to book one venue rental, one exciting space with a tremendous sound system and giant screening theater and also an intimate recreation space that covers all of your needs in the game room. There is also a smaller, intimate, 120” diagonal silver screening room to do more modest screenings.

First, screen your film on our giant 40-foot by 17-foot cyclorama, then move the party to the Game Room side to really connect to and schmooze your guests in a fun and playful atmosphere wrapped in comfort and luxury. We do have concession supplies and equipment so you can maximize your film screening. We also offer food to enhance the experience, including a hot dog machine, flat warmer grill, bread drawers, popcorn machine, steamer, frozen drink machine as part of our fully equipped catering kitchen and buffet line. Your after party can be whatever you need it to be. We have a skybox with modern DJ equipment, amps, mixing boards, CD mixing console, computer hookup, and full nightclub lighting. 

Our venue rental features a private VIP lounge, a vented and filtered 420 room, high-speed internet, and all you could need to make your event memorable and unique.