Conference Room Rental Brooklyn – Rent A Beautiful Space | Game Room Studio

If you’re in need of a conference room rental in Brooklyn, get in touch with Game Room Studio today. Our event space is large enough for a big group and has all of the amenities you’re looking for. The space features beautiful natural light, a private entrance, recreation area, and conferences tables, perfect for your meeting.
Whether you need to hold a meeting for potential clients or need to hold an all day business meeting for your company, it can be difficult to find the right space in New York City. At Game Room Studio, you get a conference room rental and a variety of amenities that are sure to impress. With thousands of square feet to hold companies of all sizes, impressive 18-foot ceilings, dining areas, screen projectors, and more, we have everything that you need to hold a successful meeting.

Board Meetings

If you hold an annual or even a quarterly board meeting, you can rely on having a professional conference room to hold all of your members. Share your yearly stats and information with ease with our screen projectors and sit in comfort at our conference tables.

Management Meetings

Starting a new project or just need to meet to discuss a new strategy? Bring the management of your company together at Game Room Studio. Everyone will be sure to enjoy themselves, even with important matters to discuss.

New Year Meetings

Start the year off right when you hold your company’s meetings at our conference room rental. Invite the whole company or only the executives, the space is large enough for all group sizes.

At Game Room Studio, you can be confident that you’re renting a space that has everything you need. Whatever your meeting is for and whatever type of group you’re bringing in, our space can offer you a range of amenities and even a variety of entertainment options. Come in for a business meeting, but know that you’ll leave feeling great.

Our conference room rental is perfect for a variety of uses, including parties, film screenings, and even weddings. Get in touch with us today to reserve the space for your meeting.