With Game Room Studio, you not only get the assistance of the most dedicated and professional team in the industry, but full and unfettered access to our spacious 5,000 square foot studio and all of the amenities it provides. We have worked hard to assemble the ideal studio space for photographers of all kinds, where you can carry out the vision you have for your shoot. Our goal is to keep our studio both comfortable and accommodating, as we believe that is the environment that helps creativity truly thrive.

Catering to your every need, we offer the following amenities:

  • 2,000 sq ft of shooting space
  • 40’ long 17’ tall cyclorama, infinity wall
  • Inviting reception lobby
  • Abundant sources of natural light, as well as complete blackout ability
  • Cutting-edge equipment (cameras and accessories)
  • 300-amps of power 3 phase Cam-Lok drops and lunchbox
  • Professional makeup stations 
  • Private dressing rooms
  • Private shower room
  • Large equipment staging areas
  • 17 foot clear ceiling heights
  • A private executive lounge
  • A vented and charcoal-filtered smoking room
  • Recreation area includes:
    • vintage board games
    • tournament ping pong table
    • chess, checkers, backgammon
    • 4 professional poker tables from Las Vegas
    • major video game consoles connected to a 120” diagonal projection screen
  • Private, secure entrance
  • All our smart televisions feature individual dvr cable boxes in every room
  • High-speed internet 750 mb up and down
  • Cafeteria seats up to 75 people per seating 
  • 8ft Conference tables and chairs on site to seat 40 people easily or fold away in an instant. 
  • Jiffy professional clothing steamer
  • Solid, welded, heavy duty, wardrobe z-racks

Ready to book our space for your event or photo shoot? Call us today. We look forward to hearing from you.