Photography Studio Rental in Brooklyn

Successful photo shoots require exact precision, planning, equipment, and props. At Game Room Studio, our production department can help you organize, order, and have on site all of the crucial elements you need in a timely, professional manner. If you prefer it, we will handle all of your logistics for you and free you up to handle your other priorities.

If you’re a project manager at a magazine or a fashion photographer looking for that perfect space, look no further. At Game Room Studio, we know how important it is to find the perfect photography studio for your clientele and talent. It’s essential that you have everything you need to create the perfect scene and then make magic happen. Regardless of what type of photography you are doing, or the look you are going for, it can be created in our unique, luxurious space. What our space includes:

• 40′ x 50′ X 17 foot tall Cyclorama Wall 5 foot diameter plaster curve
• 17′ Ceilings
• 3x Large 9’x 12′ Sun Drenched Windows with both sheers and Blackout Velvet Curtains
• 300 AMP Cam Lok Drop Power + 3 Phase Lex Power Pagoda
• 2x Fully Equipped Make-Up Stations
• 3x Wardrobe Racks + Jiffy Pro Steamer + Robes/Slippers + 100s of Wooden Hangers
• Leather Sofa Lounge Seating 21
• DJ-Skybox + Blue Tooth Enabled Speakers (DMX controlled lights)
• 3x Independent Smart A/C Units Nest Thermostats
• Unlimited Coffee Bean to Cup Machine
• Unlimited Poland Springs Water

The Right Equipment

Your talent and creativity make your vision possible. Your equipment completes your toolkit. Without the right, balanced equipment package, crucial elements may be forgotten. When you book with us, you’re ensuring you get triple-tested and accurate inventories every time. With every booking, you have a lighting and camera professional backing you up to catch the tiny details that make a difference. We include the following during your studio rental for no additional cost.

– 5x D2 1000w Heads
– 3x 5′ Octa Boxes
– 2x Medium Silver Deep Umbrellas + Socks
– 2x 1’x4′ Strip Boxes with Grids
– 1x Beauty Dish White
– 1x Magnum Reflector
– 1x Zoom Reflector II + Grid Set
– 1x Zoom Reflector 7″

– VariDesk (Motorized Adjustable Height Work station Desk)
– Rolling Welded Steel Production Cart 24″x36″ (Upper and lower shelf)
– Rock N Roller Cart r16
– VERIZON Fios Wifi 750mb up & down

– 3x Avenger Wind Up Low Base
– 2x Hi-Boys
– 3x Medium Rollers
– 5x 40″ Matthews C-Stands + Arm/Gobo
– 5x 9′ Kit stands
– 1x Matthews Miniboom
– 5x Manfrotto Super clamps + 5x 4″ Hex Pins
– 5x Large A Clamps + 5x Medium A Clamps + 5x Small A Clamps
– 4x Big Ben Clamps
– 4x Drop Pin | Junior to Baby
– 2x 10′ Speed Rail

– 1x Lex 3 Phase Power Pagoda
– 1x 25′ Five Wire
– 5x 25′ Industrial 12 Gauge Black Extension Cords
– 5x 50′ Industrial 12 Gauge Black Extension Cords
– 3x Power Strips
– 4x 2’x4′ Yellow Jackets
– 2x 4’x6′ Rubber Mats

– 10x 25lbs Sand Bags
– 6x 4’x8′ V-Flats
– 2x Apple Box Families

– 8x 4×8′ Tables
– 100x Black Folding Chairs
– 1x Jiffy 2000 Pro Steamer
– 3x Wardrobe Z- Racks and 3 portable shelf wardrobe racks
– 100x Wooden Hangers (50x Top/ 50x Bottom)
– 1x Portable Full Length Mirror
– 6x Robes/ 6x Pairs of Slippers
– High Speed Verizon Fios Wifi 750mb Up & Down

Additional Breakout Rooms, Dressing Rooms, Lounges and Production Offices are Available upon Request
– Private VIP Green Room
– 2500SF Production space plus 1500 square feet of recreation space
– Vented and Charcoal Filtered Smoking Room
– Full Buffet Kitchen
– Super Automatic Bean to Cup Coffee Machine
– Popcorn Machine
– Induction Cooktop
– Toaster Oven
– Microwave Oven
– High Speed refrigerators
– Industrial Margarita Machine
– Water Cooler/Heater
– Hot Dog Roller Griller
– 2x Electric Warming Food Holding Trays
– Wine Refrigerator
– Multiple 50 inch Smart Televisions
– Projection Television 10ft diagonal
– Gaming Tables for downtime
– Ping Pong, Professional Poker, Board Games, Gaming Consoles
– Massage Chair and Massage Machine
– Expendables – Please inquire