Business Space For Rent – Call To Reserve Our Space | Game Room Studio

Looking for a business space for rent to hold a workshop? Not all companies in Brooklyn can afford a large office space that is big enough to invite guests. When you’re holding an important workshop, give Game Room Studio a call. Our space is large enough for any size group and has unique amenities.

Company or organization workshops can be incredibly beneficial for anyone who wants to increase their knowledge on a given subject or who needs help getting started in a desired field. Companies and organizations across Brooklyn are offering workshops to share knowledge, meet potential business partners, and to raise awareness. But not all of them have the space in which they can do this. That’s where Game Room Studio comes in. We offer business space for rent that can be used for meetings, workshops, and so much more.

What You Get

When you’re looking for a space to rent, you’ll definitely want a large enough space to comfortably hold all of your guests, and even have extra space if the event has a lot of interest.You’ll need conference tables, maybe a dining area, and of course, the technology to share your message. With Game Room Studio, you get all of this and more. Our rental space features:

  • Thousands of square feet
  • Conference tables
  • Dining areas
  • High-speed internet
  • Screen projectors
  • 300-am power pagoda
  • TV with individual cable boxes
  • Entertainment

The unique business space in Brooklyn, NY can be decorated to fit your needs, tables and chairs can be organized to best utilize the space, and we can assure you that everyone will feel comfortable.

If your workshop is an all-day event, there will surely be breaks and maybe even a lunch. During these times, we provide a range of entertainment options. We have a selection of games as well as a tournament grade ping pong table, chess, checkers, poker tables, and more. If you’re wanting to serve a lunch to the group, there is plenty of space in our dining areas so everyone can mingle.

At Game Room Studio, our business space for rent doesn’t feel like an ordinary office. If you’re looking to schedule a workshop, but don’t have the necessary space, get in touch with our team today to make a reservation.